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The Touch of a Woman

I remember the touch of a woman; it still haunts me to this day. The simple caress of her ferocity lit me through my soul. How could I forget? Just a graze of her fingertips across my skin seared me to my deep feminine bones, imprinting her dark heroine blueprint through my maiden flesh. With each breath, each glance, and every eye contact I could feel my energetic well surging and filling. Her raging vocal tore into my soul, revealing a power source deep in my pelvic bowl. Such sensual sovereignty, such a capacity for passion… a world I never knew existed. Women are powerful in ways I couldn’t even begin to imagine or understand, until I had one nestled between my legs. We held each other like we had never been held. We saw each other like we had never been seen, like we’d never be seen again. This was more than raging hormones, my soul had lightly wrapped itself around hers and hers around mine as we cloaked ourselves into warm darkness. My hands were fire as I grabbed the soft unapologetic tissue that surrounded her hips. My plump red lips were burning as they moved against hers, untamed we laid down and learned the ways of the goddess under mother moon. We were baptized in the sweet nectar of womanhood.

Together we could create anything we wanted, the energy that swirled around us, through us and in between was unmatched by anything else I had ever experienced. From her I learned just how incredible we are as woman. Flawlessly made, we have the potentiality to create, harvest and move such magnificent amounts of energy! Thank you Shakti!

I am so thankful I had a glance of what we are capable of as woman, whether we join forces or practice on our own, the changes that we can make within our reality is outstanding. The touch of another woman made me realize how much strength is coursing through my own veins and how much I could create with my own energetic well. It made me want to bow down to the feet of every woman. To remind her of her own royalty and power. To remind her that we all have this ability to be the mystic we were born to be, to be worship in all the ways we want to be worshiped.

I wish you well on your journey.

Lady Mayhem

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