Goddess Rising

School of Mystic Ways

Certified in Divine Feminine Leadership Tara leads empowerment workshops and rituals that can include mantras, movement, meditation, divination and more.  These workings are now available online through her School of Mystic Ways.  Click below to check it out.

Wolf Woman Workings

As a collector of bones, a teacher of towers, and a leader of the spiral dance of life, Tara has the ability to host a multitude of classes, workshops, and circles.  One of her passions is working with our ancestors and healing of the genetic lines through ritual.  Please contact her for current offerings or for tailored needs services.

Healer Trainings

Working from the standpoint of an eclectic blend of herself as shamana, yogi, reiki master and intuitive ancestral healer, Tara has blended class offerings that offer a deeper dive into healing and include a certification for reiki healing.

Ancestral Healing

Ripples of time are passed down generation to generation through our energetic and DNA makeup.  We are now beginning to understand what intuitive healers have always known and that is that we pass energy, karmic damage and wounds from ourselves directly to our descendants.  Throughout the ages of persecution of healers, midwives and witches we have lost much of the knowledge on how to heal but a rediscovery is occurring and if we dive deep, if we muck around in our shadow scape and we work through our compiled damage with rituals and healings we can and will end the cycles and heal.  Ancestral healing rituals are available...

Moon Magic

Moon magic for that wild moon child who has always pulsed and pulled like the tides with the moon.  Spells and workings are available...

Flow and Ebb

Please click the button to email Tara with interest.