Wheel Of Year

Lights of the Season

The witch’s season is nye near and it is here amongst the shrill screaming hags, the pounding of the ancestor’s drums, the ghosts of the past that we feel the draw that pulls us deep into the seeing eye well.  Deep into the well and at the warm, muddy-rich bottom of it we feel the skin on our arms and legs prick up with endless knowing, with far-sighted seeing and oddly with comfort. We paint our faces like they would have with streaks of mud and scry with our own reflections, internally searching out those haunts of lives past, the ancient groves of trees and moving water from which we were birthed.  Withdrawing into the darkness brings a moment of respite and peace, of deep lineal healing messages from the westerly flux of the great mystery and from these messages we invoke a feeling of reverence for the dark places that we are heading to, to the in-between and in-betwixt, the liminal space of simply being and we light candles of divinity to it.  Do you feel drawn to light every flame in your home during this time?  I know that I do, I search out the warmth of the flame, the candle magic that is invoked with the amber glow and the holiness attached to it.  I do so not out of fear of the darkness but because of a deep-seated respect for the season of the ancient ones, the wise ones, the crones and sages.  I pulse and flow with the eery brisk winds in a rhythmic dance of divination on the croney water mark of the wheel.  As a child the movement that seemingly only I could see in the dark terrified me and was left as a blank unknown, as machinations of a wild child’s mind, of things that were deemed non-existent and ultimately left with question marks hanging over my head.  As a witchling now fully grown without the caretaking of a mother-witch’s wing, it was experience and time that allowed me to finally see the dark as friend, to understand why I feel so drawn to the quiet moments, and why I light every freaking candle in my house during the season’s change.  The great release from the crush of the summer heat for I was born a winter fairy you see?  I light them with a feeling of joyfulness, of solace, of solitude and profound adoration of the season that leads me inward.  It’s not always easy to scry our own reflections, to sit deep in the seat of seasonal depression, but it is for me the holiest of the holy times.  Whole and complete to just be, this year I will no longer light candles to an external deity, this year I light candles to reflect the divinity deep with in me.  I light them to the divinity deep with in you.  I light them to the divinity with in us all.  Namaste.

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