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I Know Your Heart

Yes, sister. I see you watching me, I know your heart stirs as I rub dark earthly mud across my nipples, along my cheek bones and down the lines of my stomach. I know your mouth waters as I swing my hips ecstatically through the tall grass. I know you long to have feathers dangle from your ears, lace stockings whisper up your legs, and a stone crown upon your head, as I do. I see you sister. I’m an earth queen and you wish to be beside me. My heart goes out to you, for I know that you have been kept quiet due to the expectations, controlling standards and shame that this society puts on us. You have been locked down and asked to hide the wildness that lights your being on fire. For fear of questions and disappointment from loved ones, from co-workers and from your community stops you in your tracks. Even those who don’t know it yet, who scowl at nakedness and try to burn out women with strong flames by casting them out and drowning their voices… they also long to know true freedom and true connection. I know because of them you haven’t come out, you haven’t danced the earthly dance except for in your dreams. But gives these women grace for they fight the same battle you do. They are stuck in linear controlled thoughts, though deep inside their bellies stirs that same longing. But this is about you not them. I know that this is who you are, earth queen. Your eyes glisten with remembrance as I dance my earthly dance, your chest starts to quicken with breath as I wade deep into the shallows of the river and a sensual empowerment stirs deep in your low belly as I begin ritual. The craving to be wild, unordinary, sensual is just too much to bear sometimes, but then again, so is the shame and casting down by society that comes with it. So, which one do you choose to bear? I understand love, and I know your heart, I hope one day you are blessed with showing the world your earthly dance.

To all of you unholy women out there, known and not known, I know you heart.

Much love,

Lady Mayhem, a contributory writer for the Witch’s Market.

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