Femship $13 Quarterly

Welcome to Femship by The Witch's Market.  Here you will receive quarterly access to a dose of all things magickal and can expect to receive new information before the quarter festivals (the solstices and equinoxes) which fall on approximately December 21st, March 20th, June 21st, and September 22nd.  We will be including all kinds of materials from written material to audio/video files that will contain magickal workings that will be a blend of moon magick, seasonal magick, ancestral work, healing work, meditations, rituals, yogic movement, witchy stuff and more!

Femship Kit

A Witch's Market Magical Box

Coming Soon!! A secret package that could contain tools, crystals, incense, oils and ALL the witchy things hand chosen to help you along with the workings and on your journey.  If only we could mail it to you via OWL POSTAL SERVICE or can we?