Witch's Market Herstory

Dare to Dream

It came upon the midnight hour, the clarity, the what, the how to in a vivid lucid dream state chalked full of witchy powers of manifestation and dreams come true.  A vision of a community, unapologetically vocal, sovereign unto themselves, tuned in to the spiral dance of life, the cyclic rhythms and pulse and flow of the Earth reflected by them and the spirit realms all weaved into one meeting place, one gathering space and one epic market for them all.  I love the word WITCH and the feminine rebellion that is storming behind the movement, the right to live freely, to be who we are and rise above and beyond the main stream and into our true authenticity, our true selves, and to be able to create collectively.  It is my largest heart felt desire that this new website, which is a work in progress becomes a gathering place where the GODDESS in us all is centric yet we still honor the sacred masculine too, but most of all we create magic, we trade ideas, share spells and create an epic Witch’s Market.  I am looking for volunteers to help spin my web of dreams and I will be very picky, a craggy old hag over whom I allow in, but please contact me at the info@witchsmarket.com  if you’d like to help spin the web and contribute content.

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