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A Ritual for Greta, Autumn and the Children of the Earth

Beating drums, and pulsing hearts we are the result of thousands of loves, and thousands of lives and eons of toes that have sunk into the sands of time before us.  It has become terrifyingly obvious how quickly that primal knowledge can fade, especially in a world that appears to be much more technologically interconnected.  We sit in an airport and there are futuristic looking trains that pull up on elevated railways, fountains that shoot water to the synchronistic pulse of a beat played, plugged into our illusionary woven web of connection through our phones and other electronic devices, and yet we are suffering and we are wondering around on our own islands of isolation. 

We wonder why our health has actually hit a point where it is deteriorating and we are less healthy than our ancestors were?  We have children daring to stand up to adults who are destroying the planet and challenging us and our handing down of their inheritance, which to groomed patriarchal capitalist adults is the nest egg of retirement monies built for them, but they are saying “how dare you,” it is the earth itself that is our inheritance.  Don’t respond in anger to them, for they see what most of our eyes can no longer see.  We are of the earth, we are the earth and we are dying.  It is not just diet, not just exercise, not just the mundane, no it is deeper than that.  Have you seen the online psychology experiments that show how little humans are really aware of what is happening around them?  As I am typing this I am seeing someone nonchalantly stepping over a dead body while their head is bowed down and their eyes look to be enchanted by the blue light of their phone.  We are killing everything around us in our individual isolated hazes, and what we have yet to understand is that we are also dying right alongside the havoc that we have created.  There will come a point where there must be a merging of this new technology with the old primal ancient knowledge and wisdoms of the past or we will have to step away from the computers.  This manmade, crafted, electronic connective modern technology must somehow plug into and marry with our ever-present woven web of thousands of years of human consciousness and I am suddenly seeing for some odd reason the electronics as the male end of a plug and the repository of human consciousness as the receptive feminine black void socket.  For lack of getting too weird and too into micro science  and computer brain technology studies I will just refer to this as energetic connections.  We have to energetically reconnect to the human consciousness first, to plug back into these etheric realms through ritual work to begin to heal and then either marry it to the modern technology or make a conscious choice to disconnect from the electronics permanently.  We have all seen too many movies where computers or electronics are given human consciousness and then the ensuing wars that break out as we have to fight to try to undo what we have done, so all of my musings are hypothetical but I believe we could figure out how with our human genius to link them so that we awaken once more to the idea that we are not separate from the environment around us, and I believe that we will, but until then we have to fight for the old ways of animism and shamanism not to fade, to simply sink so far into the realms of consciousness that they could potentially recede too far to be reached.  For eons of time in our human existence we worshiped life and our connections to the earth through the worship of the nature that surrounded us, historians believe that we began with worshiping the fields, the animals, the earth and as our consciousness grew, imagine a giant repository well of energy, we began to assign deities with human archetypal personalities to the forces that govern nature, the world and our humanness.  Once we enter into our historical timeline that the book The Mysteries of the Dark Moon refers to as the dark moon period, in which the feminine deities recede into their rest time, the male deities take over and begin to reign supreme.  Unchecked male ego, war, and pain ensue and the feminine suffers.  It is during this period that we have now been in for thousands of years that what we have termed the patriarchy has overtaken, and we have seen horrific crimes against humanity and crimes against nature occurring.  In my humble opinion we are waving back and forth on the precipice of what Greta Thunberg has named an apocalyptic extinction abyss, while most of us sit unaware of the danger with the illusion of connection through technology and safety giving us free reign to kill the very planet that we live on, to drive our cohabitants into extinction and to lose our connection to the original world wide web of life’s consciousness and the wisdom of our ancestors.  Ancestor worship is a way to begin to heal the damage done by the lack of masculine and feminine balance and as you heal for the love of yourself, for the love of your ancestors, for the love of your descendants, then everything around you becomes better in the process.  I know that she, Greta is speaking of activism and that is great and needed, but what I want to speak about is the remembrance of our more primal healing energies and that repository well of human consciousness that can heal our souls.  I want us to also hear the voice of Autumn Peltier and to speak again to the water as if it were human, because she and ALL of our ancestors, even my European ones believed that it has its own spirit too.  We need to speak to our dead, to grieve and work rituals into our lives to see what it is that needs to be healed on these ancestral lines so that we leave a legacy of clean water and clean energetic genetic presence for our descendants.  Today, I would like to gift you with a simple beginning ritual for healing that I’ve crafted with wisdoms learned from many classes, books, teachers and my innate northern European shamanic wisdom.  I could spend hours goings down a tangent of rantings and ravings about the loss of the feminine divine, collective universal feminine wounds and the connection of our spirituality to the earth itself, but for this ritual and for these purposes let’s stick to the primal ancestral healing piece and leave off on the finger pointing and blame.  With that being said know that all of your ancestral lines are important irregardless of the recent past, it is just as important to worship the lines of the mother as it is to worship the lines of the father so keep a clear and open mind, and a fearlessness in your heart, especially if you’ve suffered at the hands of those ancestors who are still living or those who have had some impact upon our lives.  We aren’t going to work with those folks right now, we are going to work from farther back in the past and only when you feel ready will you work on any of those ancestors nearest to us that have also suffered during the dark moon period of the loss of the feminine divine. 

Materials: a new journal, some candles, a bowl of water and a bowl of dirt arranged to form an altar and some shamanic drumming music found in the link below.

Ritual:  I invite you to consecrate a dedicated bound journal to become your ancestral healing journey log and to rub some dirt on it from where you reside, to blow some breath into it to connect it pranically to your lines, to wave it over a candle and ask the healing fires to purge, to sprinkle some water on it to purify it and lift it above your head and then touch it to the ground asking spirit to protect the work that you do with it.  Take a deep breathe in through the nose and slowly release a longer breathe through the mouth, repeat this multiple-times to stimulate your relaxation and activate the vagal nerve, so that you can sink into the healing and bypass our very modern pathways that survive on cortisol and our flight/fight fast paced ways.  It is great to play some drumming music and if you can call a protective bubble or circle around yourself both links of suggestion on how to are listed below.  Once you feel like you have dropped into sacred space and you have breathed your way into a meditative state ask for the original primal energies held within your DNA to be present with you.  If you do better visualizing yourself walking back in time to a time where we our most ancient lines lie then you can do that making sure you go all the way back to a time where our lines would have had shamans and been very energetically well in health.  Once you feel connected to those ancient-lines I invite you to imagine yourself sitting in this primal time or primal energy and ask yourself what were my ancestors grateful for?  When you are ready, I would like for you to begin to journal and allow yourself to flow through all of the heart swelling and body buzzing feelings of things that we would have been grateful for.  Please honor any and all emotions that arise and allow for them to happen.  The journaling may take on a form as if you were that ancient ancestor and in some way you are so allow for whatever comes up to flow.  If you feel like you could take another step down this journaling and are feeling good in this connected path perhaps you switch the lens view and ask yourself what is it that my primal ancestors grieved for and then journal that?  Once you have pin pointed either gratitude points and or things that we loved so much that we grieve for them circle a few repetitive words or even identify opposites.  These very primal things that we are grateful for and grieve for are the things that then I would invite for you to cultivate in your life by taking notice of them when they show up in subtle nuanced ways.  Allow yourself to feel back into that place of remembrance every time a thing on your lists shows it face in your daily mundane life.  My hope is that this starts an open line of communication with your ancestors and that you begin to walk a path of healing.  Staying strong on the path and only working with those ancestors that feel like they are helping you along.  All blessings be on the journey.  Namaste, Tara Nordstrom.

If you would like a printable copy of this article and ritual here is a PDF format available on my teaching platform:


This is my how to call a circle for free:


I suggest shamanic drums and this is a good link with an option for that:

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